PCVA Virtual Learning

The Elementary School PCVA Student Experience

Elementary (K5 – 5th) students will receive the majority of their content delivered through an online program called Edmentum, with monitoring and assistance provided by PCVA certified teachers. The Edmentum curriculum includes an easy-to-use online platform that brings lessons to life with multimedia and hands-on project-based learning activities that build creative thinking and problem-solving skills. PCVA will provide a Google Chromebook for students to use for the coursework, but families are responsible for providing reliable Internet access and a supportive environment for online learning.

Although Edmentum is aligned to the South Carolina Academic Standards and is user-friendly, there is no replacement for a caring, classroom teacher who builds a relationship with your child. Teachers will provide recommendations and strategies to support students learning virtually and for parents/guardians who partner with us in this endeavor. A certified teacher will guide instruction through suggested daily schedules, clear objectives, and teaching notes to help parents guide young learners through their lessons each day.

However, a parent will need to be available during their student’s learning to assist as a learning guide daily. We cannot emphasize enough how important a partnership between teachers and parents is for this choice of learning. This partnership is key to success.

Every effort will be made to continue providing support services to students. These will include Individual Education Programs (IEP), Gifted and Talented (GT), 504 plans, and others. Please note that students who receive services through an IEP must attend virtual sessions scheduled by the special education team lead and/or therapists.