"I have noticed that one of the biggest benefits of PCVA is the flexibility it allows the family. I have students in my class that travel for sports, and rodeos. I have one student that went to Japan with his family for a month! They never miss a lesson and keep up to date without having to ask for lessons ahead of time or ask permission. The asynchronous nature allows them the ability to work when it is convenient for them. Plus, with the pre-recorded video lessons, I am now a world-famous science video star, with my lessons viewed around the country and the world. "

"As a PCVA teacher I am able to connect with students all throughout the district, along with helping connect students with one another from places that they might not have met otherwise. I am able to see friendships grow from multiple schools and see a sense of community being built with people that all had the same purpose. In a regular school, this would have been much more focused, but PCVA allows me to see it across all middle schools throughout SDPC at the same time."

"This has been a challenging year full of new experiences and exciting efforts. I have enjoyed working virtually with students. I feel less distraction when I talk with students and I can help them on a more independent level with our one-on-one Webex sessions. Our Advisory sessions allow students to come out of their comfort zone in a safe way and get some social interaction without feeling spotlighted. I have enjoyed this experience and I look forward to finishing out this school year strong!"

"I completed my e-Learning certification last year (2019-20). I have been wanting to teach for a virtual academy for many years now. I had envisioned our district becoming a hybrid model where brick and mortar/virtual classes would be offered to our families. I thought it would be neat to teach on-line and offer that opportunity to students. We are surrounded by technology and families travel more in recent years. The flexibility on-line education has to offer is amazing! There are many perks to choosing PCVA."

"Working in PCVA this year has been such a blessing in so many ways. One of my favorites is working individually with students who need an extra boost of confidence. I love seeing how in the virtual environment, they can talk to me in a personal WebEx without being hindered by peers. They are learning the math and growing their self-confidence all at the same time. What a joy that is!"