FAQ Enrollment 2024-2025

Is Pickens County Virtual Academy the right choice for your family?

What is Virtual Instruction?
Virtual Instruction means the student takes all of his/her courses in a virtual setting away from the school regardless of schools being open or closed. In the School District of Pickens County, the Pickens County Virtual Academy (PCVA) will provide a virtual instruction option for our K-12 students. A certified teacher directs the instruction through the use of a learning management system (LMS). Students enrolled in PCVA may still participate in school-based extracurricular activities. During the school day, students will have access to their teachers; however, students may work at any time of the day, holidays, and weekends. Some learning opportunities may be synchronous, live instruction, but most are asynchronous, independent learning with a teacher available for support and intervention.

How do I know if virtual education is right for me?
A successful student in virtual education is organized, well-supported, and motivated to learn. The teachers serve as facilitators guiding the student through instruction, and therefore, the student is held accountable for time and effort in the learning process. While all students are eligible to apply for the Pickens County Virtual Academy, take time to consider if these statements describe your student.

How do I enroll?
Any family who chooses the option to attend the Virtual Academy must:

  1. Register at their assigned school based on your current Pickens County address.

  2. Complete the PCVA application.

When can I enroll my student for the 2024-2025 school year?
Applications for the 360 Academy of Careers and Innovation (middle school) are open from February 6, 2024, until March 1, 2024. APPLY HERE

Applications for the Pickens County Virtual Academy High School program are open through May 1, 2024. APPLY HERE

Students must be evaluated by the PCVA team and approved by their home school to take courses through PCVA.

Additionally, students may supplement their coursework with electives through VirtualSC. VirtualSC has enrollment periods that open throughout the year as each term begins. See their website for more information.

NOTE: Students in both the 360 Academy and the PCVA High School program will need to create or update their student accounts through VirtualSC.

When I sign up now, am I committing to a full year in PCVA?
Yes, registration for the 2024-2025 school year will be for the full year. Consistency is so important for our students and committing to a full year in PCVA allows them to build a relationship with their teachers and thrive in the program.

Our high school students have choice and flexibility. They commit to the term for the course. Some may take yearlong courses while most have semester-long courses. High School students may develop personalized learning plans that include choices from in-person learning at their high schools, courses in PCVA, courses through VirtualSC, dual enrollment courses through partner universities, and courses at the Pickens County Career and Technology Center.

What is needed for my student to be successful in the virtual academy?

  • Students will need dependable internet access every day.

  • Students and parents will need a valid email address.

  • Students and parents need a commitment to check email daily.

  • Students need a device to complete their work on (desktop, laptop, or Chromebook).

  • Students will need scheduled time daily to commit to school work.

  • Students will need strong home support, especially in grades 3-8.

Can my students still participate in events or extracurricular activities at their home school?
Yes! Your student will remain enrolled at the home school and is still eligible to play sports, participate in clubs that meet after school, and attend games and dances with their classmates. All academic and behavioral requirements for participation will still apply to PCVA students.

IEP Students - What if my student has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), Individualized Language Acquisition Plan (ILAP), or 504?
Students who receive services through an IEP must attend virtual sessions scheduled by the special education team lead and/or therapists.

PCVA teachers follow accommodations outlined in an IEP, ILAP, or 504. We do recommend a meeting to review these accommodations to make sure they're appropriate for both in-person and virtual learning.

Are PCVA students required to come on campus for testing?
Yes, students will be required to be on an SDPC campus for all state and federal testing. Tests that are required to be administered face to face include, but are not limited to: MAP, WIN, End of Course testing, ACT, ACCESS, SC Ready, and SAT. Quizzes and tests for virtual courses will be administered online.

We currently live within Pickens County but are not enrolled in a Pickens County School. Are my students eligible to attend PCVA programs?
Any student who lives within the Pickens County attendance area is eligible for PCVA. All students must first be enrolled in their zoned Pickens County school and then register for PCVA.